Prevent Injuries by Using Our Office Ergonomic Products

Whether you are looking for help on how to adjust your chair, need a new keyboard tray, or are redesigning a whole office, we are here to serve you. We believe that the value of office ergonomics is proven in the results.

Situs Ergonomics offers solutions to help you implement everything you need from employee training to complete new workstations. Contact us to learn more about our ergonomic products for you and your employees.

Our Products and Services

Situs Ergonomics also provides ergonomics program support from A to Z, from installing a single keyboard tray to developing a new corporate ergonomics program. We offer:

  • Office ergonomics evaluations 
  • Ergonomics program development
  • Employee training classes
  • Ergonomics training for professionals
  • Smart, sensibly priced office equipment and installation that meets our high ergonomics standards