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Ergonomics, if done well, is a win-win for employers and employees alike. Our medically based approach to ergonomics can benefit your organization by:

  • Reducing workers' compensation claims & costs
  • Providing guidelines for cost effective equipment purchases
  • Reducing the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries in your work force
  • Improving worker productivity and morale

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Ergonomically Incorrect Posture

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Situs Neutral Posture Set-up

We offer two types of ergonomics evaluations: the Therapeutic (Advanced) Ergonomics Evaluation (TEE), and the Standard Ergonomics Evaluation (SEE.)  The goal of every ergonomics evaluation is to identify risk factors that may contribute to wear and tear injuries (musculoskeletal disorders) and provide recommendations to reduce risk factors as much as possible.

The Therapeutic (Advanced) Ergonomics Evaluations (TEE) were developed for employees with diagnosed musculoskeletal disorders; employees with workers' compensation case issues; or employees that are under a physician's or therapist’s continuing treatment.

The TEE process takes about 75-90 minutes and is conducted in two steps. Step one requires the TEE consultant to meet with the employee on site at the employee’s specific work station. The second step is performed at the Situs office in Anchorage where the ergonomics consultant and seating specialist will train the employee in improving postural or behavioral factors to increase productivity, while reducing impact on their pre-existing conditions.

Situs Ergonomics will provide a detailed report that outlines the observations made on-site and make recommendations for equipment modifications or replacement.

The Standard Ergonomics Evaluation (SEE) is performed in less than an hour, at the work site, and is suitable for clients who may have mild symptoms and are not under a physician's continuing care for serious diagnosed musculoskeletal conditions.

The SEE report comes in a one page chart format with summary recommendations which clearly identify the risk factors and provides solutions.

Each report is sent to you along with a quote for equipment that meets the identified needs. Whenever possible our ergonomics evaluations will incorporate the modification of existing office equipment.  If existing equipment cannot be modified to meet the standards of neutral posture promoted by Situs then new equipment is recommended.

When you are ready to implement the work station modifications we will work with you to place your order from the quoted evaluation recommendations; we also invoice the equipment at the time of delivery and installation.

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