Workstations that Work for You

Push Button Posture Adjustments - Sitting to Standing with Ease

While it may seem easier to order your office furniture from a catalog this approach will often give less than completely satisfactory results. We believe that workstations should take into consideration, and be customized to fit, the end user’s needs and the space available.

We would be delighted to help you determine the configuration and options that will work best for you. The St. John’s work surfaces we use can be built for you in almost any shape and combination. The support options range from fixed height (29.5”), tool height adjustable (standard from 24” to 41” high – and over 48” high with tall legs), and a variety of crank and electric bases. 

St. John's Trademark Adjustable electric height adjustable workstations allow you to adjust from sitting to standing positions throughout the day; relieving back pain and creating work spaces that are attractive, functional and most of all user friendly. This series offers two (2) and three (3) stage electric tables as well as a manual crank or ratchet height adjustment.

St. John's Environmental Design Series; corner height adjustable workstation. With modular storage components and sit-to-stand height adjustments you can create the right workstation for each individual or task. Adjustable from 26.75" to 41.75"